Through the GAINAGE affiliate program we aim to grow our community and brand recognition. In this affiliate program you will meet and be part of our inner family in addition to contributing to the progress and development of GAINAGE. Here you will see your thoughts and ideas brought to life and experience how they influence our brand.

How it works -

In starting off as an affiliate you need to buy an item or more of your choice using the code AF12 which gives you 12% discount on your overall purchase. This ensures your genuine interest in the brand by illustrating your willingness to invest in its growth - just as GAINAGE will show its interest in investing in you.

What Next? -

You are now a starter affiliate. There are 2 transitions into becoming a fully sponsored athlete.

1. As a starter affiliate you are given your own 11% discount code. To proceed to a sponsored athlete your discount code should be used 20 times - by your followers, friends or family.

2. As an affiliate you are also required to attend our monthly meet ups if possible ( based on location ).

3. You may also be asked to participate in video shoots for content creation ( based on location).

Once you become a sponsored athlete you get will the scoop on latest product and brand development. You will also have the chance to participate in media campaigns and product releases.

Furthermore, if you have the relevant skills or expertise you may get the opportunity to work on the corporate side of the company. Details will be provided at a latter stage if interest is shown.

So, What are you Waiting for?

Using the code AF12 you will receive 12% off your first order to begin your journey in joining us to create both a formidable brand and company.

Once you fill out the form below and make your first purchase you will receive an e-mail with your unique discount code and a starter pack welcoming you to our family. In addition, you will be added to our official channels of communication where we hold various discussions about brand and personal development.

Here are links to download and sign up for our communication channels.

Welcome to GAINAGE, where we have a severe addiction to progress.